About Us

Toby, The A/C Guy

Toby Evans has over 21 years experience in the HVAC industry. From 2003 until 2013, he owned and operated AIRCO Air Conditioning & Heating. He decided to move on from that successful business to do other things, but his passion for the business has brought him back where he started.

In 2018, he started a new business, but not with the intention of it becoming another big company with multiple trucks. Instead, he felt he could better serve the community of Shreveport by staying small. This would allow him to offer his services much more affordable to his customers.

Toby strives to provide that “personal touch” that makes a small company so special, while also bringing to the table his 21 years of knowledge and experience.

If you value honesty, hard work, and fair pricing, then Toby’s A/C & Heating is the company for you.

If you are sick of other HVAC companies giving you the run around, then Toby is your guy.

You can count on Toby’s A/C & Heating to get the job done the first time, the right way, and with full transparency. That means we will walk you through the process as we repair, install, or service your heating or air conditioning system, and you will always know exactly what you are paying for.

Call us today at (318) 550-1739 for more information on how YOU could be saving your money by switching to Toby’s A/C & Heating for all of your heating and air conditioning needs!